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Production process of tomato vinegar beams are followed procedures and technical standards of the company's quality and technical standards field. In the process of production and supervision are based on those standards.
1.1  Main Ingredients: fresh tomatoes.
Request: ripe red tomatoes natural, normal state of development. Results 1- 3 cm in diameter, not green tomatoes, deep-stamping or overripe.
1.2  side material:
The diameter of good quality white + standard: ISO: 1695-87
  + acetic acid: Use a purity of 90% or more.
  + Use a dry white refined salt impurities according to ISO 8974-84.
  + Spices: Includes celery, fennel, pepper, garlic, carrots. (or at the request of customers).
  + Packaging: Using glass jars (size, size, capacity) at the request of the customer.
    Standard glass jars: In 10 BC, 253-96.

2.1 Selection sort and fruit snacks knob: Raw materials for production to ensure technical requirements, conducting choose to reject the unqualified results sorted by size, classification process must be gentle, avoid pressing, breaking and clean junk knob

2.2  Soak antiseptic:
Soak tomatoes in water salt concentration of 3% -5% of the time 20-30 minutes.
2.3  Wash:
Tomatoes after soaking sanitizer to be taken to rinse with clean water to remove all impurities.
2.4  On the bottle-filling solution - cover:
 + Prepare jars, lids.
Bottles are washed, drained and exposed to the spices in the bottom of the bottle
The budget cap on the bottle in hot water 80 -
85oC time 20 - 25 minutes .
 + Loss, ranked tomato jar: Loss to the volume under contract, then placed in jars of tomatoes, to ensure uniformity of product.
2.5  Pour solution: The solution is bankruptcy, filtered through layers of thick cloth, and chemical adjustment in line with demand, the solution is boiled, pour service guaranteed always pouring temperature reaches 80oC or more.
2.6-multiplier cap: Use the lid to soak in the hot water bottle cover, whirlpool ensure tightly sealed bottle to pour the 3rd, the first spin the bottle, to have time to pursue the gas in the bottle.
2.7-pasteurized products: The product is finished after the cyclone need to seek cover immediately pasteurized (a period not exceeding 30 minutes, completed since the vortex cap).
Pasteurization formula: 10-15 -25 (for container capacity 430 - 540ml)
   10: Time improving heat.
   15: Time keeps heat.
   25: Time to cool.
   80: Temperature pasteurization.

Depending on the size, volume of glass jars, or products packed in metal packaging that is suitable pasteurization regime. Water temperature in the pot before putting in pasteurized products must reach 80oC.
2.8 Cooling - storage: Timeout pasteurized, cooled
When the temperature down to
50oC, then fish out and put into the tank when the temperature cooled to 35oC, then proceed to wipe out, wipe out the warehousing of the plot, stating date of manufacture to maintenance tracking.
Insulation product time: 15 days for summer, 20 days for the winter.
2.9 Complete Product: Timeout insulation products are clean, in number, labeled, and sent in containers caston consumption under contracts with customers.

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