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To grow baby cucumber for export at Bac Giang

 we came Cong Thanh village at the right time famer is harvesting winter cucumber. Mr. Nguyen Thanh Be, Party committee Secretary who has gone us to the houses of cuture to visit relatives are weighing fresh cucumber. Ms Nguyen Thi Minh, the executive producer of export varieties of hamlet excited to know: By now, People had been 70 tons of cucumbers,  average Yield achieve about from 700 kgs to 1,200 kgs per Sao. Compared to rice, per sao income equivalent to one ton of rice, if compare then Grown cucumber for exports is higher than rice.

Think back for spring 2006, all rural households have two grown watermelon stomach export, each household planted a perch. Yield 800 kg / sao, 2800 price per kg. But at that time to bring her children down to coconut Lien Son, how far to local sale. Seeing the economic effects of the stomach coconut tree, and read the original village has managed to expand the area of direct production, and contracts with Processing Plant Oriental fruit export in Vietnam Yen district to spend purchase products for her son. Until harvest, plants hamlets to send people to receive goods. So her children are assured of product output, big or small melon plants were purchased, should not fear e as several years ago. Purchase price, type 1: 4400 VND / kg, Category 2: 3,000 VND / kg.

Just monitoring the situation due to import pickle factory, Nguyen Ba Muslim village head said this winter, melons rather high yield, earnings per sao for 3-4 million. A number of households reached 5 million per perch as her family: Thien, Van, Ky, Tai, Lan ... We went through villages along the plot, she hand-picked melons next stop sign story: fields of this area a half star, has collected 1.5 tons of fruit. Due to good care, my family's coconut farm is durable tree, the leaves are still green, continue to harvest.

Technical exchange and planted coconut trees, Nguyen Ba Muslim, said: Melons stomach very popular but not water-resistant moisture, so getting water to the trench bed just to get just right, enough water to soak off shallow right. Wide dimension beds 1 to 1.2 m. Each stars Four lined 500-600 kg manure, 15-20 kg NPK or phosphate Lam Thao.

With an area of nearly eight stomach samples exported melons, winter in 2008, farmers in villages of The output of more than 80 tons of fruit, more than 300 million income. We can say this is the model contribute significantly increased income for her children here.


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